• A Level
A Level - General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (“A level”) is the 'gold standard' of CIE qualifications and is recognized by universities worldwide. Good A level grades are the key to admission to many of the world’s major Anglophone universities. In some countries, A level qualifications can earn advanced credit, resulting in up to one full year of course credit. This is the case for several Canadian and American top line universities.

At Shanghai Campus, A level programme is offered as a two year comprehensive program in which students complete Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level) examinations at the end of the first year followed by Advanced Level (A2 Level) examination at the end of the second year. The combined marks obtained from the AS and A2 Level examinations determine the final A Level grade. Our students normally sit A2 and AS Level examinations in June, with results issued in August. Subjects are graded A through to E. Grade A is awarded for the highest level of achievement, grade E for the lowest passing grade. A grade of U (ungraded) is issued for papers that do not meet the minimum requirements of the assessment. (Note – CIE examinations can also be taken in November with results available in January)

Examined in English, our courses need to be presented in English. However research has shown that for effective learning new knowledge needs initial presentation in one’s first language. ULink provides students with reinforced learning through a team of local bilingual and foreign staff. Each student is given the best chance to understand, acquire and achieve the ability to use the necessary course content.  All tests, homework and assignments are written in English as this will be the language of assessment when students write their final CIE A level examinations. 

To maximize the academic capabilities of our students and to unleash their potential for brilliance, the Shanghai Campus’ core focus is Mathematics.  In that our students are all “English Language Learners” and are required to study, learn and speak in English as a second language, English for Academic Purposes is also be a necessary core subject. The English Language curriculum includes the development of writing skills and the specific language requirements necessary to study both the compulsory and elective courses offered. 

In addition to the compulsory subjects, students will select two electives, from Art & Design, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Geography and Physics. Many North American Universities require a student to have passed five IGCSE subjects including English as a second language if they are to be considered for entry the September after completing A2. As a consequence it is recommended that students take the IGCSE English either in the IGCSE year or the AS year and in addition take ICGSE Chinese prior to starting the A2 year. 


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