• Life in Shanghai & China
  • Update:2018-08-14

Life in Shanghai & China

Historically, Shanghai has two periods of golden era, first one being the interval of the two world wars in the 20s & 30s when global colonialism has no sign on its imminent end decade after and China has just transformed from imperial dynasty to a republic. Such turbulent and transforming time always fascinates adventurists around the world. As proved by the foreign capitalists who carved the skyline of east bank of Yangze River in a magnificent way.
The second golden era being the present, started in 1979, when the former communist leader Deng Xiaoping, despite many objections, made a nationwide call for economic reform. In the span of just one and half generation, Shanghai has bloomed from a city of “narrow lanes and decrepit pre-war era buildings”, its commerce crippled by the cultural revolution, into a futuristic cosmopolis of 23 million residents, packed with skyscrapers and luxury malls – it is now a global finance centre none second to any other city in the world.
Shanghai attracts people from all around the world just as New York or London dose. For a foreigner who have his/her first job assignment in China, Shanghai is just the right place to them. Exotic, but not alien. Modern, but still oriental. Expats usually setup their strong foothold in Shanghai before advancing into the mysterious and ever changing inland of China. Foreign expats can easily identify western-style healthcare and education within the radius of their living district, as well as night life or daytime entertainment, almost every major regions have their own small community here in Shanghai. Shanghai is also a collection of different Chinese folk cultures – the conventional native Shanghainese were mainly came from the neighboring Suzhou & Ninbo city, whereas the other half of them settled from all over China in the past 40 years since the beginning of economic reform. High culture of Shanghai is also on the rise – the city builds more art museum than any others in the country, modern art always nestled in the neighborhood of Shanghai.     
Beyond the City of Shanghai, China offers foreign expats all kinds of wonder. From the breath refreshing country trip to Suzhou or Hangzhou, where they are only hours away from Shanghai, and being both regarded as heaven on earth by ancient Chinese Scholars. To places such as Terracotta Army of Xi’an, Forbidden City Museum of Beijing, Pandas of Sichuan or Tibet where even richer historical and natural context that worth to be on one’s ‘bucket list’, China is a land where anyone can indulge their inner Marco Polo, and it will never let you down.
Source cited: Financial Times

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