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  • Update:2018-08-14
Tim Cunningham (Principal)
Our vision, mission and values mean that we are always striving for excellence. By challenging each other to think clearly and creatively, by working harmoniously with others and by communicating effectively, the Ulink group models its expectations pf teachers and students alike. Unlink organizations are where thinking and learning happen by design.
Emmanuel Bathalomew (Associate Principal)
It’s not very often that you have a great working environment with really talented students but my years here have seen a combination of these and it keeps getting better.
Anthony Yu (Co- Curricular)
Ulink provides high quality international education that extends beyond the classroom. Students are assisted by qualified and experienced staff in growing into well-balanced and open minded individuals who are grounded in sound values. The campus provides a stimulating environment for students to develop life skills, critical thinking ability and an education that combines both pratical and academic realms.
Irina Banari (艺术老师)
I’m really delighted to be on board here with brilliant students, a great environment, of course sometimes tons of defections we have some ups and downs. But most of the time it’s really pleasant to see talented students. Most of our students go directly or wish to go for top art institutions like Pratt, Rhode Island, Royal Academy of Arts etc. I think this subject is useful, even if students are not ambitious to become an artist, because it’s a different way of creative-thinking and problem solving, which is really important in our daily life, and goes beyond any kind of profession.  

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