About Us
  • Ulink History
In 1992, when Mr. Liang (Chairman of Ulink) worked in an international exchange program in Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, he proposed the idea of a College Preparatory school providing international courses to students who would go on to study abroad. His idea was that such a school running these courses would reduce the difficulties some students experienced when transitioning from China to other locations. In 2003, Mr. Liang, then the Secretary General of the Shenzhen Education Institute International Exchange Association, introduced the IGCSE and A Level curriculum into China through cooperation with University of Cambridge International Examinations . In 2004, Ulink education was established in Guangzhou.

the Ulink philosophy
Ulink not only provides authentic Western-quality courses, but also helps its students to understand the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Ulink helps students adapt to studying, living and thriving in foreign universities. We also focus on improvement of developing ‘well-rounded’ individuals. We emphasize the importance of Society, Family and School work together to build an open learning enviroment for the students. 
Using the rigorous international curriculum system coupled with our rich and varied management experience, we have built an authentic, economic, effective and secure path for Chinese students who are interested in entering the world’s leading universities.


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