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A Letter from Principal
Welcome to our Ulink College of Shanghai website.

Ulink Education Group is committed to introduce excellent international courses into practice, and develop students to become international citizens with a Chinese heart and global vision. Founded in 2003 and been successfully running for 15 years, it is the first private education institution to introduce Cambridge University courses in China.

At present, Ulink Education Group conducts Cambridge University courses, IBDP courses and American courses throughout the country. There are 7 schools in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou and Wuhan. In 2020, there will also be a Shenzhen campus.

Ulink’s mission is to develop talented students who have scientific minds, achievements in the humanities and physical fitness. Ulink take an active attitude to learn and implement the excellent practices of domestic and foreign education, and achieves superior performance in educational processes and educational outcomes, ahead of other international education providers.

As the flagship school for Ulink Education, Ulink College of Shanghai(hereinafter abbreviation UCS)will continue to make use of the accumulated advantages of Ulink Education in the past few years: excellent and experienced faculty, diverse curriculum options, good environmental facilities, excellent student base and excellent application results. On this basis, UCS continues to increase the intensity of teacher professional development, introduce and build better learning systems and platforms, strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of the teaching process and learning performance, promote whole-person education, and cultivate children's comprehensive abilities. It provides a better path for students’ academic development at different levels, a better professional development platform and path for teachers and better help and services for parents. The aim of UCS is to create the Shanghai Campus into a benchmark school for international courses.

To this end, the leadership of the Shanghai campus and all teachers are implementing a number of improvement and plans. UCS is looking forward to the joining of outstanding talents, welcoming students with ambitions to apply, and looking forward to the support, help and supervision of people from all walks of life.
Let us work together for the future of our children.

Yours Faithfully
Howard Liang



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