About Us
  • Mission, Vision and Value
We strive to develop talented students who have scientific minds, achievements in the humanities and physical fitness.
  • To be the most trusted school for students and their parents
  • To be the first choice for outstanding educators
  • To be the favored source of students for world first-class universities
  • We will see our Ulink students who have the capacity to perform well on the most important stages all over the world!
  • Students our first priority
  • Teachers of utmost importance
  • Professionalism
  • Team work
  • Harmony in diversity
Learner outcomes
  • Confident and open-minded in communicating and working with information and ideas – their own and those of others – and in working both independently and as part of a team.
  • Responsible for themselves and their choices and actions, as well as being responsive to, respectful of and caring of others
  • Reflective on their learning and on themselves as interdependent and independent learners
  • Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges by being creative and coming up with solutions to complex problems.
  • Engaged intellectually and socially, and ready to make a difference in the community and in the wider world

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