• Changing or dropping courses

Changing courses

Students in G1, AS and A2 are allowed to change their courses within the first two weeks of the start of the school year. Students in G2 and Pre are already ‘locked into’ a framework of courses which does not allow changes.
Students must complete a subject change request form which must be sent back to Academic Affairs Office. The subject change will be confirmed by a written confirmation note from Academic Affairs Office; Students must continue to attend classes until they receive the confirmation note and only then can change classes. Course changes can only be approved if there is space in the receiving class.

Dropping courses

·  IG students (G1, G2 and Pre) are not allowed to drop any subjects during the courses as the IGCSEs are required for the CIE examinations.
·  AS and A2 students can drop subjects in the first two weeks of the first semester in every academic year according to the subject selection requirements. Students are not allowed to drop courses at any other times. Students must use the subject change request form from Academic Affairs Office; any subject drop is a very important decision and need consencens with subject teacher, parent, Form Tutor,  SGO and final approval from the Academic Principal. 

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