• Co-Curricular

Mission statement
The mission of UCS is to develop talented students who have scientific minds, achievements in the humanities and physical fitness.
The UCS student activities reinforces the school’s mission statement by actively promoting student development through activities that focus on positive social interactions, health and wellness, cultural and artistic empowerment; in addition to fostering cohesiveness amongst the student body through the endorsement of student clubs.
UCS activities upholds the core values of the school:
  1. Recognizing that students are the first priority at the school. Thus, recognizing the organized student activities are an integral part of the total educational goal of developing successful students.
  2. The international school learning experiences are enriched by student organizations and activities that actively promote and embrace team work and professionalism.
  3. Professional faculty members and staff are vital towards promoting an environment with facilities and recognizes individual and collective growth amongst the students as well as the clubs.
Objectives of the Student Activities Office in relation to student organizations and clubs:
  1. To provide various opportunities to extend classroom experiences into the academic and social campus life.
  2. To develop social interactions among students.
  3. To assist students in developing leadership qualities by facilitating training workshops to promote growth.
  4. To assist in the development of leadership skills.


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