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As a student and teacher centered learning organization, Ulink always place its faculty community at the core of advancement .It is the first Chinese institution that gained the Cambridge PDQ centre status in China, and the progamme aims to transform professional learning for practicing teachers and leaders in their school.
Our qualifications are based on the latest research and best practices in teaching, learning and leadership. This is a continuing education program initiated by Cambridge University for teachers to read and complete a 3 module program. This will begin with a certificate in Module 1 and end with the Diploma program in Module 3.
The program is to discuss weekly goals and also provide feedback with research and educational methodologies for their work portfolio. It is also to give feedback and complete the relevant lesson observations and provide relevant evidence of educational pedagogy. This program is about reflective as well as sharing strategies as to why they follow this lesson plan in the classroom.
The time frame of the programme is about 4-6 months and there is a very strong support network with Mentors and the mentees.
Ulink College of Shanghai and Cambridge have entered into this work product relationship where teachers are continually looking at the changes in international education. The program currently has 8 module 1 people in the program and in Module 2 there are 4 staff currently in this program.
2018 will also be the beginning of another Cambridge program that being the Leadership training program.
We are currently enrolling new candidates for the program starting in the new semester.

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