• Overview of IGCSE and A Level
A-Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) is a British national education course and a major exam course for students to enter a regular university in the UK. Since 1951, the A Level curriculum system has been constantly reformed and perfected, and has become the most influential standard for evaluating the academic level of the students in the world. It not only focuses on developing students' autonomous learning ability, analytical thinking ability and practical application ability, but also can scientifically test students' academic level. This course has been adopted in more than 160 countries around the world.

Course Setting
To adhere to the concept of "dedicated to the cultivation of scientific spirit, humanistic quality, and strong physique", we set up the A-level courses as English, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, and Computer science, Psychology, Art and Design etc. At the same time, the new trend of international curriculum reform is constantly followed. From the fall of 2010, the CAIE course "Global perspective and research" has been developed.
In order to provide a further expansion for the high learning ability students, UCS also set up a series of extended research projects held by senior teachers, Ph.D., Professors, such as: Oxford and Cambridge development project, STEP, Physics development research, Chemical research study, Economic club, Study skill etc.
In G1 level, ESL, Mathematics, P.E, Chinese, Chemistry, Physics and Students development course are compulsory for every student and may not be dropped for any reason. Students should choose subjects from Group I science, Group II Humanities, Group III Creative & Vocational.
According to school regulation. In AS level, English Mathematics and PE are compulsory for each student. Students need to select other 3 subjects from A-Level courses (11 subjects offered). Students who have better mathematical foundation are able to learn further mathematics in A2 level after completing A Level mathematics in AS level. For future career requirement, students who don’t need Further Mathematics or are not interested in Mathematics can also choose to complete A Level Mathematics in two years. We believe that every student could choose a combination of courses that are best suited to the needs of personal development from above courses.
All students have to stick on the courses once they have finished course selection.
Subject Class
According to the students' selected courses, students will be assigned to different subject classes, so as to attend classes with students from different form classes. This helps students to know more peers, and better adapt to overseas university life, also improve their social adaptability.
Walking-class system
Because each student chooses different course combination, therefore, UCS implements walking-class system. Students need to take classes from one classroom to another classroom according to their timetable. It is easier for students to adapt to the foreign course system that they need to face in the future. This is different from the teaching management in the ordinary middle schools in China. Students are required to have higher self-discipline. It has proved its effect and also obtained the cooperation and support from students and parents.
Functional Classrooms
The experimental is an important part of the A Level science class, and is also an important part of the A Level exam. We focus on the students' manipulative ability, observation and analysis skills, which is a common concern in the selection of students in foreign universities. Therefore, according to the standards required by CAIE, we prepared Physics, Chemical and Biology labs, and special classrooms for Computer Science, Art and Design, Gym, Climbing wall and so on.
Learning Method
Different from domestic secondary schools, in foreign universities or A Level schools, students must have independent learning abilities; dare to ask questions, to actively seek help; to pay attention to master the methods of analysis, thinking and problem solving; learn to make good use of time, improve learning efficiency and time management ability; to consciously abide by the rules and regulations, be responsible for their own behavior. These are the objectives of the A Level curriculum system.
UCS has the most diversified course range in Shanghai as an A Level school. it currently offers 33 subjects in IGCSE, AS and A Level:
IGCSE Level ESL, First Language Chinese, First Language English Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, History, Geography, Art & Design, Music, PE and Drama
AS & Alevel AS level language and Literature in English, A Level Academic English, Mathematics, Media Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Business, History, Geography, Art & Design, Global Perspective and Research and Psychology.

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