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Astronomy & Astrophysics Club
The Astronomy Astrophysics Club was established in 2016 by Robin and Wendy. This club aims to enrich students astronomical knowledge, as well as providing a communication platform for the amateur astronomers at UCS. What students can learn
A club for fans of music (Acappella) bringing people together in a way which provides a platform to share the understanding of music and the love of Acappella. Acappella music is consists specifically group or solo singing without instrumen
Badminton Club
The UCS Badminton club was founded 8 years ago, we are one of the biggest and convinced club in UCS. We are so proud of not just only students being avid fans of our club, but the teachers as well. We encourage every member in our club to b
Crescent Club
The Crescent Club is a Chinese Traditional Instrument Club formed in 2015. In the past 3 years, they actively participated in every major festival in UCS, including Halloween, Student Talent Show, and New Year Concert. Crescent Club was ori
Chemistry Club
Chemistry Club reinforces the students interest in the field of chemistry, through diverse but fun events such as ChemBio day, student enthusiasm is always very high. We collaborate together through various internal and external events such
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