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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
The International Baccalaureate diploma programme is rigorous two-rear university preparation course for highly motivated average and above average students, primarily aimed at students 16 to 19. It is recognized for the opportunities it provides for the development of academic knowledge, understanding and skills while supporting personal growth towards being an independent learner and ready for the next step after graduation.

IBDP requirements
Students will take six academic courses; three studied at a higher level and three at a standard level. Higher level subjects require 240 hours of teaching and standard level 150 hours over the two year period providing a variety of depth and breadth in the students’ studies.
In addition, the core elements of the IBDP expand the educational value and rigor for students. Core elements include:  
Theory of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary course developing critical thinking through the academic areas. Students are invited to question the nature of knowledge and understand the role of perspectives in forming personal knowledge and the development of shared knowledge. This challenging course also provides further opportunities for students to use the new terminology and learning from their academic courses and evaluate the reliability of information whether it is from a school project, newspaper, academic journal or the internet/social media.
Extended Essay is a piece of original research investigating a topic of interest from the six academic subjects studied by a student. The research findings are reported in an essay of 4,000 word (English for all subjects except Chinese) or 4800 characters (Chinese for Chinese language essays). The experience of research and academic writing are essential skills for university.
Creativity, Activity, Service is a requirement that draws attention to the importance of life/work balance through creativity, activity and service experiences. This experiential and reflective learning focuses on the value of collaboration, cooperation and compassionate citizenship beyond the academics, and beyond the school gates.

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